Winning With Rehab offers 1-on-1 personalized licensed nurse case manager assistance navigating workers' compensation cases on Oahu.

Why choose Winning With Rehab?

  • Goal Driven Care
  • Determine expectations and follow through on their progress
  • Aggressive approach to return to work programs
  • Comprehensive education provided to the claimant
  • Utilize MD Guidelines to determine benchmarks for return to work and analyze barriers for quick resolution
  • Team collaboration involving career nurse case managers and nurse practitioners to determine the best approach to assisting the claimant back to work

Visit us @ WIMAH Sep 27

We are honored to participate in the Work Injury Medical Association of Hawaii (WIMAH) Workers Compensation Summit at Ala Moana Hotel, Oahu, Hawaii on September 27.

Look for members of our multidisciplinary nursing team wearing their signature black jackets.