"When the injured worker returns to work, everyone wins."

That's our motto.

Our Approach

Our mission at Winning With Rehab is to return the injured worker to regular duties as soon as is medically feasible. Work injuries of all types can present challenges that affect the treatment by the physician, the workplace, and most importantly, the injured worker. We work with our employers and injured workers to provide reasonable and efficient solutions for returning the injured worker to their regular duties while educating and supporting all parties to do this in a safe and productive manner. Our team of professionals work directly to problem solve and strategize with our clients while promoting realistic goals on an individual basis. Our multidisciplinary nursing team fosters a collaborative environment for each case, earning the respect of our claimants, physicians, insurers and employers.

Our Story

Winning With Rehab was founded by nurses and is managed by nurses and nurse practitioners who believe in a collaborative approach to solving the many issues that may arise with work injuries. The company was the vision of one nurse who ran this successfully for over 20 years as a "word of mouth" business. As medicine and the laws that govern it change, the need for more nurses challenged to fill this occupation continues to grow. Under cooperative management, Winning With Rehab is striving to fill the gap by training nurses and nurse practitioners who have distinct specialties and skills to better educate clients in the employee and employer arena.


Next Steps...

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