Did you know that adding a nurse case manager to your workers compensation case can save anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000?

Winning With Rehab is a multi-specialty nursing group that works as a collaborative team providing goal driven care for your claimants.

We have bilingual nurses and staff with fluency in Japanese, German, Tagalog and Visayan.

We can also help interpret doctors' notes you can't read and medical terminology you don't understand, so that you can make more informed decisions.

Our Referral Process

Winning With Rehab assigns new referrals based on one of three criteria:

  1. Adjuster preference
  2. Claimant location
  3. Complexity of the case

The management team at Winning With Rehab works to provide the right nurse for the right case. If the preferred nurse is unavailable, then assignments are made based on location and/or complexity.

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